Masuleh is an ancient rural village approximately 60 km southwest of the city of Rasht, near the southern coast of the Caspian Sea. The history of the village goes back to about one thousand years ago.
Situated1,050 meters above sea level in the Alborz mountain range, Masuleh has spectacular and unique architecture. The interconnected houses built into the mountainside where the courtyards of the buildings above are the roofs of the buildings below. Masouheh-Rood-Khan is the river passing through the city, with a waterfall located 200 meters away from the village.
The combination of amazing architecture together with the natural landscapes and the foggy weather of the area make Masouleh the most scenic village in Iran.

Area: 1 km2
Population: 393
Province: Gilan
Other ethnicities: Persian
Language: Taleshi
Tourist attractions:
– Market (Bazar)
– Museum of Anthropology Masuleh
– Forest park
– Waterfalls kooshm larcheshme and kourbar
– Saheb-az-Zaman Mosque
– Imamzadeh Aun ibn Ali