Ardabil is an ancient city located in northwestern Iran, east of Mount Sabalan, and 61 Km from the Caspian Sea.
The history of the town goes back to the Sasanian period, but the town was destroyed during the Mongol conquest in 1220. The town gained its importance when the Sufi mystic Sheikh Safi ad-Din made it the center of his Safavid order in the 13th century.
Ardabil is known for its trade in silk and carpets. The ancient Ardabil carpets are considered among the best of classical Persian carpets. There are numerous mineral springs in and around Ardabil which attract tourists.

Area: 18 Km2
Population: 564,365
Province: Ardabil
Ethnicities: Iranian Azerbaijani
Language: Azerbaijani (Maternal language), Persian (National language)
Tourist attractions:
– Shaikh Safi ad-Din Khaneghah and Shrine Ensemble
– Shorabil Lake
– Mount Sabalan Crater Lake
– Ardabil Jame Mosque
– Yeddi Goz Bridge
– Mirza Ali Akbar Mosque
– Virgin Mary Church
– Shahar Yeri Historical Site
– Ardabil Anthropology Museum
UNESCO World Heritage sites: Shaikh Safi ad-Din Khaneghah and Shrine Ensemble