Kashan is an alluring oasis visited by numerous tourists each year. Located in the province of Isfahan, the east side of the city opens up to the central desert of Iran. Interestingly, the west side is mountainous and is close to the two highest peaks of Karkas Chain.
Based on the archeological discoveries, the region was one of the primary centers of civilization in pre-historic ages. They say Kashan was the origin of the Magi who according to the Bible followed the star that guided them to Bethlehem to respect the birth of Jesus. Regardless of the historical validity of this story, the attribution of Kashan as their original home testifies to the city’s prestige at the time the story spread.
Kashan is a relatively small city full of architectural wonders. The historic covered bazar, a fantastic UNESCO recognized garden, numerous traditional houses used as Qajar-era commercial hubs are mostly within walking distance.

Area: 86.082 Km2
Population: 304487
Province: Isfahan
Other ethnicities: Persian
Language: Persian
Tourist attractions:
– Fin Garden
– National Museum of Kashan
– Sialk Historical Mounds
– Aqa Bozorg Mosque
– Kashan Bazaar
– Soltan Amir Ahmad Bath
– Amin-o Dowleh Caravansary
– Friday Mosque of Kashan
– Old Houses of Kashan
– Adel Historical House
– Manouchehri Historical House
– Yasin Historical House
– Tabatabai Traditional House
– Ehsan Historical House
– Morshedi Historical House
– Noosh Abad Underground City (Ouee)
– Niasar Fire Temple
– Niasar Mithra Temple
– Mashhad-e Ardahal (Mashhad Qali)
– Tomb of Sohrab Sepehri
Natural Attractions: Qamsar Town, Abyaneh Village, Soleimaniyeh Spring
UNESCO World Heritage sites: Fin Garden (Persian Garden)