About us

Our history of creating “Cultural Routes to Iran” began in 2006 due to the interest and request of many Spanish people who have been enthusiastic about the Persian culture and participated in the weekly artistic and intellectual events at our “Persepolis Cultural Center” in the heart of Madrid.
With more than 25 years of knowledge and experience of our director about every corner of Iran, our dream of opening a page full of unforgettable memories in the lives of many Spaniards came true, bringing them closer to one of the cultures that have played a major role in the history of civilizations.
We originally started the project through the collaboration of our inbound tour operator in Esfahan and our headquarter, “Oriente Viajes“, in Madrid. The fact of partnership with the Persepolis Cultural Center and having native professionals made Oriente Viajes the most direct route from Spain to Iran.
Gradually, we have experienced an uptake in the number of travelers from other European countries as well as North America, interested to have a real experience of Iran through our “Cultural Routs”. To meet the request of these international travelers, we have expanded our tour operator and set up our English website “Touring Iran“.
Since the beginning of “Cultural Routes to Iran”, the entire team has put so much passion and time to ensure that our travelers not only explore new places but also live an authentic experience through contact with the people of Iran, feeling the remarkable hospitality and friendship of the Iranian people.
We have also opened new horizons to explore more heritage and cultures in Central Asia and along the Silk Road by offering tours to Uzbekistan and Caucasus.
We are in love with what we do, and the contentment of our travelers makes us smile every day.