Esfahan: The Pearl of the Orient

Isfahan or Esfahan, located in the center of Iran, is one of the most beautiful cities in the East. The city has a wide variety of magnificent historical monuments from different eras, especially from the time periods which was the capital of Seljuq (1051–1118 AD) and Safavid dynasties (1598–1722 AD). Throughout history, it has been one of the main centers of trade routes from Iran.  

From the time of the Achaemenids (550 BC -331 BC), Isfahan was one of the favorite cities of the kings, and as early as the fifth century AD it was considered as one of the kings’ summer residences. The royal love for the city was especially shown with the Safavid monarch Shah Abbas (1587-1629), to whom there are numerous works of artistic and historical flavor. Those who travels to Isfahan during that time described Isfahan as the most prosperous and modern city in the world with about one million inhabitants. Since then, and despite the loss of capital, the city has remained an attractive city that has seduced poets and travelers.

Isfahan enjoys a mild climate, with a pleasant period from May to September. A collection of beautiful gardens and tree-lined boulevards, eye-catching bridges, historic bazaars, a central square, and magnificent religious buildings all around the city together with the UNESCO-listed sites give Isfahan a visual appeal unmatched by any other Iranian city. All of that have given rise to the Iranian saying “ Isfahan is half the world ”